A small group of sur­vivors is impris­oned in an under­ground base, trapped between the door to the out­side world and the sealed entrance to the air­tight cocoon where hun­dreds of sol­diers sit and wait for rescue.

On the sur­face the crowd of bod­ies is grow­ing in size every day, drawn there by the heat and the noise of the peo­ple hid­ing under­ground beneath their rot­ting feet. The sheer mass of decay­ing flesh above begins to cause prob­lems for the mil­i­tary when vents become blocked, but a mis­sion to clear the dead starts a vicious bat­tle between the liv­ing and the dead. And there are far more of the dead…

“Not for the gore-hounds who can’t think past a pile of entrails, but the rest of the read­ers in the world (includ­ing the legion of zom­bie fans with work­ing brains), this is a per­fect next chap­ter in the won­der­ful AUTUMN series. Land­mark.” —Jonathan Maberry