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Forty days have passed since the world died. Bil­lions of corpses walk the Earth. Every­thing is disintegrating…

A group of eleven men and women have sur­vived against the odds. On an almost dai­ly basis, they attack the dead with bru­tal feroc­i­ty, tear­ing through them with utter contempt.

Some­where near­by, out of sight and out of earshot, is anoth­er group that has adopt­ed a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent sur­vival strat­e­gy. Where the oth­ers have used bru­tal­i­ty and strength, these peo­ple have demon­strat­ed sub­tle­ty, plan­ning, and tactics.

A series of hor­rif­ic events force the two groups togeth­er. Backed into a cor­ner and sur­round­ed by hun­dreds of thou­sands of corpses, they all know that their final bat­tle with the dead is about to begin.

“Moody has suc­ceed­ed in not just dri­ving for­ward the thread of the series but expand­ing his AUTUMN uni­verse in admirable fash­ion.” —Andy Erupts