A band of refugees has tak­en shel­ter in a medieval cas­tle – a fortress that has stood strong for hun­dreds of years. They are the last of the liv­ing. Besieged by the dead, they only emerge when it’s absolute­ly nec­es­sary. As autumn turns to win­ter, how­ev­er, the bal­ance of pow­er slow­ly begins to shift.

The unex­pect­ed appear­ance of sur­vivors from anoth­er group changes every­thing. They bring choice, and an alter­na­tive way of life which is a far cry from the world every­one has been forced to leave behind. Soci­ety as we know it has crum­bled beyond repair and things will nev­er be the same again. Some peo­ple are ready to embrace this change, oth­ers can’t let go of the past. The choice is divisive.Are we enter­ing mankind’s final days? In the after­math of the dis­ease, will the last sur­vivors destroy each oth­er, or will the dead destroy them all?

“As demon­strat­ed through­out his pre­vi­ous nov­els, read­ers should crown Moody king of the zom­bie hor­ror nov­el, and his final book in the AUTUMN series adds a much-deserved jew­el to his crown.” —Book­list


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