WARNING! The further down the timeline you get, the more chance you have of encountering (mild) spoilers. Ideally, these shorts should be read alongside the novels.

All of these shorts, along with many more, are available in AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION. Stories marked * are available in the AUTUMN: THE LONDON TRILOGY OMNIBUS.

Barely a Sound (part i)*

Day 1
Amy Steadman – part i
Jim Harper
The Classroom (excerpt from Autumn)
Brigid Culthorpe
Donna Yorke (excerpt from Autumn: The City)
Sheri Newton
Sonya Farley
Karen Chase
Harry Stayt
Peter Guest
Gary Keele
Jackie Soames
Juliet Appleby
Jacob Flynn – part i
Philip Evans – part i
Beginning to Disintegrate: Webb

Day 3
Amy Steadman – part ii
Jacob Flynn – part ii
Philip Evans – part ii
Kieran Cope

Day 5
Amy Steadman – part iii
Duck and Cover
Penelope Street

Day 7
Amy Steadman – part iv
Office Politics
The Human Condition (part i) – Going Up

Day 9
Kate James
Robert Woolgrave
The Garden Shed

Day 14
Breaking Point

Day 17
Amy Steadman – part v
The Human Condition (part ii) – Going Down

Day 23
Amy Steadman – part vi

Day 26
Entering the Castle (excerpt from Autumn: Aftermath)

Day 36
The Strand (excerpt from Autumn: Dawn).

Day 38
Annie Nelson

Day 48
The Swimmer (the prologue to Autumn: Disintegration)

Day 49
Above and Below (the prologue to Autumn: Purification)

Day 72
The Battle of Wapping (excerpt from Autumn: Inferno)

Day 73
Until Death Do Us Part*

Day 83
The Sleeping Dead*

Barely a Sound (part ii)*

Day 85
A Face in the Crowd*

Day 86
The Last Great Fire of London

Day 112

Day 119

Day 120
Where’s Wally?*

Barely a Sound (part iii)*

Barely a Sound (part iv)*