Free fiction

WARNING! The fur­ther down the time­line you get, the more chance you have of encoun­ter­ing (mild) spoil­ers. Ide­al­ly, these shorts should be read along­side the novels.

All of these shorts, along with many more, are avail­able in AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION.

Day 1
Amy Stead­man — part i
Jim Harp­er
The Class­room (excerpt from Autumn)
Brigid Culthor­pe
Don­na Yorke (excerpt from Autumn: The City)
Sheri New­ton
Sonya Far­ley
Karen Chase
Har­ry Stayt
Peter Guest
Gary Keele
Jack­ie Soames
Juli­et Appleby
Jacob Fly­nn — part i
Philip Evans — part i
Begin­ning to Dis­in­te­grate: Webb

Day 3
Amy Stead­man — part ii
Jacob Fly­nn — part ii
Philip Evans — part ii
Kier­an Cope

Day 5
Amy Stead­man — part iii
Duck and Cover
Pene­lope Street

Day 7
Amy Stead­man — part iv
Office Pol­i­tics
The Human Con­di­tion (part i) — Going Up

Day 9
Kate James
Robert Wool­grave
The Gar­den Shed

Day 14
Break­ing Point

Day 17
Amy Stead­man — part v
The Human Con­di­tion (part ii) — Going Down

Day 23
Amy Stead­man — part vi

Day 26
Enter­ing the Cas­tle (excerpt from Autumn: Aftermath)

Day 36
The Strand (excerpt from Autumn: Dawn).

Day 38
Annie Nel­son

Day 48
The Swim­mer (the pro­logue to Autumn: Disintegration)

Day 49
Above and Below (the pro­logue to Autumn: Purification)

Day 72
The Bat­tle of Wap­ping (excerpt from Autumn: Inferno)

Day 119