Story artwork

When the first incarnation of www.lastoftheliving.net appeared online, a team of talented artists submitted illustrations for many of the stories available on the site. You can see them all here. Click each image to see a larger version and for artist credits.

Movie trailer

In 2009, Renegade Motion Pictures premiered a movie adaptation of AUTUMN which starred DEXTER FLETCHER and DAVID CARRADINE (in his final screen role before his untimely death). It’s fair to say the movie divided opinions, but fans of the novel have come to regard it as a well-meaning adaptation, made with a lot of heart, but not a lot of cash! You can read David Moody’s thoughts on the film here

Audio adaptation by Darker projects

In 2007, DARKER PROJECTS released a full cast audio adaptation of the first novel. With a completely original score and a globe-spanning cast, it’s a great technical achievement and a fascinating adaptation. All six episodes are available here or at the Darker Projects website.

Episode One

Episode Three

Episode Five

Episode Two

Episode Four

Episode Six


A gallery of the different covers of the AUTUMN novels from around the world.