Autumn: Aftermath limited edition now available

21 February 2014

The limited edition of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH (published by Infected Books in collaboration with Gollancz) is now available. From David Moody:

"Welcome to my office, which became noticeably smaller yesterday following the delivery (at long last) of the limited hardcover edition of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH, published by Infected Books in collaboration with Gollancz. office2 Nine hours (yes, really) of signing and packing and the whole lot was delivered to a very understanding chap at the post office late last night. All orders have now been dispatched, and I wanted to take this opportunity to once again thank everyone who pre-ordered the book for their support and their patience. ukhardcovers As you can see, the full set of UK hardcovers looks great. It's satisfying to see all the books together (albeit almost a year and a half later than planned). There are a handful of copies of this extremely limited edition available. If you want one, you can pick one up from or ebay."

Straight to You

18 February 2014

AUTUMN author David Moody has a new book out. Click here to learn more aboutSTRAIGHT TO YOU.

AUTUMN: AFTERMATH - limited edition hardcover available to pre-order

09 December 2013

The limited edition Infected Books/Gollancz hardcover of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH is now available to pre-order. Order before 10th January and your name will appear in the book.

Click here to order.


Two new UK AUTUMN releases

10 October 2013

Today sees the launch of two new AUTUMN releases in the UK.

From "isbn9781473201668Today sees the launch in the UK of two new AUTUMN releases from Gollancz. First up is THE COMPLETE AUTUMN - an ebook only collection of the five AUTUMN novels (Autumn, The City, Purification, Disintegration and Aftermath) available in all major formats: Kindle / iBookNook / Kobo / ePub (Waterstones) / ePub (Hive). A great way to get into the series if you haven't yet read the books. And don't forget, for full completeness you can also pick up THE HUMAN CONDITION for the bargain price of £1.99!

Also available from today is the mass market paperback edition of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH (Amazon / Book Depository / Waterstones / Hive / Indiebound). There are a few copies available at - the Infected Bookstore.

I know many of you are waiting for news about the limited edition AFTERMATH hardcover... it's coming. I'm sorry it's taking so long. I've been in conversation about it this week and hope to open pre-orders (with a cool little addition for those folks pre-ordering) before the end of October. For those who've yet to hear about this project, click this link for more information."

New AUTUMN releases incoming

09 October 2013

David Moody has announced a few new AUTUMN releases coming very soon. From

"On 10th October, Gollancz will release the mass market UK edition of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH, details of which are here. And on the same day, they'll also be releasing THE COMPLETE AUTUMN - a collection of the five AUTUMN novels in a single ebook package, great value if you've not yet picked up the series. By the way, I'm still working on the limited edition AFTERMATH hardcover due from Infected Books in collaboration with Gollancz and I should have some news for you shortly. Apologies for the ongoing delay. More information about that project can be found here. On 15 October, a little later than originally planned, MKrug Verlag will release HERBST: AUSKLANG - the German translation of AFTERMATH. It's been a long wait for German readers, so I'm really pleased the book will soon be out.

isbn9781473201668  Autumn-Aftermath-9780575091498 Herbst Ausklang

And then in December, I'm very excited to announce that Delos will publish AUTUMN in Italian as AUTUMN, L'ATTACO DEI MORTE VIVENTI (which translates to Autumn, Attack of the Living Dead). More details and cover art etc. as I get them."

AUTUMN: AFTERMATH - can you spare five minutes?

14 August 2013

Complete your collection with the limited edition AUTUMN: AFTERMATH hardcover, coming November 2013 from Infected Books in association with Gollancz.

As recently announced by David Moody, this book will be produced to order. To assess the financial viability of the project, we need a rough idea of the number of copies required. We'd be grateful if you'd take a few seconds to complete a brief questionnaire by visiting There's no obligation - this is simply an expression of interest.

All copies of the AUTUMN: AFTERMATH hardcover will be available exclusively via Infected Books, and will be personally signed by David Moody. The book will retail for £20.00. Those people who have purchased the AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION limited edition hardcover (currently on offer - see here for details) will be eligible for a discount.

Please remember - this is a one time only printing of this edition of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH. This edition will NOT be available again!

AUTUMN: AFTERMATH - limited edition hardcover - update

26 July 2013

An update from David Moody on the soon to be released AUTUMN: AFTERMATH limited edition hardcover. Click here to read the update at

Herbst: Ausklang

17 July 2013

Herbst: Ausklang - the German language edition of Autumn: Aftermath - will be released in September. See for more details.

AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION - now available to order

12 June 2013

AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION - new cover art revealed

08 May 2013

David Moody has today revealed the cover art (by Craig Paton) for the new edition of Autumn: The Human Condition. From Moody's website:

"I'll just let the image do the talking. Here's Craig Paton's magnificent cover design for the new edition of AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION.


After my update last Friday, I'm hearing that the AUTUMN: AFTERMATH limited edition might be nearer to production than expected, so I'm holding off releasing any more details about either book just yet. I'd rather they were launched together, so folks can order both and benefit from reduced shipping costs etc.

Please add your name to the limited editions mailing list (click here) to be advised the moment orders open for these books. The hardcovers will be strictly limited in number, and I don't want you to miss out.

I hope you like this new cover as much as I do. Another stunning piece of work from Craig. Stay tuned for more information in the coming days, including the announcement of the biggest competition I've yet put together - a fitting way to bring the AUTUMN series to a close."