AUTUMN author DAVID MOODY releases a new novel this month – SHADOWLOCKED.

Heading home late after a night out, Adam and Lucy Logan are involved in a horrific road rage incident. Their car is forced off a bridge and ends up at the bottom of a swollen, fast-flowing river. Adam survives but Lucy drowns, trapped inside the sinking wreck.

When he’s released from hospital, Adam vows to hunt down the driver responsible for his wife’s death and take revenge. But according to the police the roads around the bridge were empty. There was no other car.

His world is turned upside down again when Lucy returns from the grave: an impossible shadow of her former self.

Adam’s feelings for Lucy overtake his fear, and together they realise their only option is to find out what really happened on the bridge that tragic night. Until then, Lucy remains trapped on the fringes of reality between life and death. She’s shadowlocked.

But the deeper Adam digs, the more he begins to realise there was much of Lucy’s life – and subsequently her death – that he knew nothing about.

SHADOWLOCKED is released on 30 May as a paperback, audiobook, and eBook.

An exclusive hardcover with additional material is available now from INFECTED BOOKS.

Pre-order the other versions from AMAZON.

Shadowlocked by David Moody