AUTUMN: EXODUS – pre-orders now open

You can now pre-order AUTUMN: EXODUS from Infected Books. Order now, and you’ll receive a complementary eBook version of the new novel IMMEDIATELY.



A great fire has swept through the heart of the city, destroying everything in its path. The living, the dead, and the undead alike have been wiped out. And yet, protected by the impenetrable walls of the Tower of London, the remaining members of the Monument group have somehow survived. Now, they must strike out if they want to stay alive.

They’re going to have to risk everything to get out of here, then risk it all again to reach Ledsey Cross, a fabled safe haven hundreds of miles away.

Every step they take will be fraught with danger. There will be no shortcuts, and no easy options. To stand any chance of a future, the group will have to trek through the harshest of winters, across a land ruled by the living dead.