AUTUMN: EXODUS — pre-orders now open

You can now pre-order AUTUMN: EXODUS from Infect­ed Books. Order now, and you’ll receive a com­ple­men­tary eBook ver­sion of the new nov­el IMMEDIATELY.



A great fire has swept through the heart of the city, destroy­ing every­thing in its path. The liv­ing, the dead, and the undead alike have been wiped out. And yet, pro­tect­ed by the impen­e­tra­ble walls of the Tow­er of Lon­don, the remain­ing mem­bers of the Mon­u­ment group have some­how sur­vived. Now, they must strike out if they want to stay alive.

They’re going to have to risk every­thing to get out of here, then risk it all again to reach Led­sey Cross, a fabled safe haven hun­dreds of miles away.

Every step they take will be fraught with dan­ger. There will be no short­cuts, and no easy options. To stand any chance of a future, the group will have to trek through the harsh­est of win­ters, across a land ruled by the liv­ing dead.