Autumn: Dawn – first reviews are in

With the release of the new AUTUMN novel now less than a week away, the first reviews have started to appear. BookNest said the book was “an unabated, unforgiving onslaught of intensity that takes aim at both the light and dark side of humanity. Like a punch to the gut, it knocks the wind out of you on the opening page and keeps you gasping for air until the very end.”

The Rotting Zombie have the book 10/10 and said “For anyone who may have been concerned about what new ideas a new Autumn novel could possibly contain there is no need to worry. I loved almost every single word of this novel, it was a triumphant return to the rotting world of Autumn and I cannot wait to see where the story heads next.”

If you can’t wait a week, purchase a signed copy of the book from www.infectedbooks.co.uk and download AUTUMN: DAWN immediately.