Combinando l'atmosfera dei classici film sui morti
viventi di George Romero, eil tono della pellicola
"28 giorni dopo" di Danny Boyle, "Autumn" offre una
nuova prospettiva sulle storie tradizionali a tema zombie
in un mix di situazioni cupe e
cariche di suspense.

Delos (copertina flessibile, 221 pages)
ISBN: 978-8865304501

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Autumn: The City

While the first AUTUMN novel focused on those who escaped the city,
AUTUMN: THE CITY tells the story of those who didn't.

St Martin's Griffin (paperback, 336 pages)
ISBN: 978-0312570002

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Autumn: Purification

All hope is gone, but in the rotting shadows of the past,
the survivors find the key to what remains of their future...

This is a perfect next chapter in the wonderful AUTUMN series.
Landmark. -- Jonathan Maberry

St Martin's Griffin (paperback, 320 pages)
ISBN: 978-0312569990

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Autumn: Disintegration

The penultimate chapter in the riveting horror series!

A new twist and a great addition to the AUTUMN series
-- Craig DiLouie

St Martin's Griffin (paperback, 320 pages)
ISBN: 978-0312570019

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Autumn: Aftermath

Are we entering mankind's final days? In the aftermath of
the disease, will the last survivors destroy each other, or will
the dead destroy them all?

St Martin's Griffin (paperback, 400 pages)
ISBN: 978-0312570026

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Autumn: The Human Condition

The definitive edition of the AUTUMN companion. Includes all
of the stories featured on, along with
additional exclusive content.

Infected Books (paperback, 460 pages)
ISBN: 978-0957656307

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