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David Moody's final word on the living dead

Includes the hit novellas ISOLATION and THE COST OF LIVING

Available now in paperback

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Find out more about the author and his other books, including HATER - soon to be a major motion picture produced by Guillermo del Toro

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Revised and expanded!
Includes exclusive AUTUMN content

Paperback, eBook and signed and numbered limited edition hardcover.

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A new zombie novella from David Moody


Signed and numbered limited edition
available now from Infected Books in association with Gollancz

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"surprisingly downbeat and intelligent"
EMPIRE Magazine

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Diabolik DVD

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A new zombie novella from David Moody

Welcome to www.lastoftheliving.net - the official website of David Moody's AUTUMN living dead series.

A vicious, virulent disease destroys more than 99% of the world's population in a single day. Before the handful of survivors that remain can even begin to come to terms with what has happened, the disease strikes again, and all hell breaks loose.

Five novels, a companion collection, a movie, an audio adaptation and more than 100,000 words of free zombie fiction!

"Takes the genre in a fascinating new direction. If John Wyndham was alive and wrote zombie novels, they’d read like this." --Jonathan Maberry, best-selling author of Patient Zero and Rot & Ruin

Autumn - Justin's Corner

03 May 2017
All in all, I HIGHLY suggest any fan of the fiction realm of reading, to go to your library, order it off Amazon, or however you can read this book, to read it. I assure you, if you are a fan of ficitional horror, that you will be pulled in to this vast realm of survival, trust, un-likely friendships, and of course, zombies.

New David Moody zombie novel - THE FRONT: RED DEVILS

12 February 2017

David Moody releases a new zombie novel - THE FRONT: RED DEVILS. World War II Nazi zombies... what's not to like?

Autumn movie - The Rotting Zombie

16 July 2016

I love the book of course, but this movie version surpassed my low expectations, you will get something out of this for sure if you have read Autumn.

Autumn - Everything Alyce

18 January 2016

I was extremely impressed

Last of the Living - The Rotting Zombie

15 May 2015

As always if you're a fan of zombie fiction then Moody's books should be considered an essential read.

Free Joe & Me audiobook download

11 January 2015

We're pleased to announce a free audiobook version of the pivotal AUTUMN tale, JOE & ME, is now available to download. Produced by This is Horror and Infected Books, the audiobook is written and narrated by David Moody himself.


12 November 2014

LAST OF THE LIVING - AUTUMN author David Moody's final word on the living dead, is available now in paperback worldwide.

Autumn - BookBloke

02 November 2014

Another series by Moody I became totally captivated by and have ultimately read the entire series and believe me when I say this, it’s one not to be missed.

Autumn: The Human Condition - The Rotting Zombie

03 October 2014

A top tier zombie anthology.

Autumn - 2BookLoversReviews

02 October 2014

This is one of those books that leaves you with the nagging question, “Could I have done anything different? If the shit hit the fan, could I survive?” 


03 September 2014

David Moody announces the release of ISOLATION - a brand new zombie novella, which comes bundled with four additional zombie short stories.

A brand new zombie story from David Moody

07 June 2014

David Moody announces the release of THE COST OF LIVING - a brand new zombie novella.

Autumn - The Tandy Man Can

11 May 2014

As the first book in the series Autumn could easily be dismissed as simply a scene setter for bigger things, but that’s not the case here. Moody has built a slow burning apocalypse story that maintains a constant hum of tension and fear throughout. By eschewing many of the usual tropes of the zombie genre he has created something both different and exciting, and this is a series that should only get better as it develops. 

Autumn: Aftermath - The Rotting Zombie

06 March 2014

I adore the Autumn books for the reasons that they are great books, well written, and do some really interesting spins on the traditional brain hungry zombie tales. As always if you have not yet read them then they are well worth reading.

Autumn: Aftermath limited edition now available

21 February 2014

The limited edition of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH (published by Infected Books in collaboration with Gollancz) is now available. Click here to read more from David Moody.

Autumn: Disintegration - The Rotting Zombie

23 January 2014

Where the previous books showed what would happen to normal folk in a zombie apocalypse Disintegration shows what people on the lower side of the human spectrum would do. People who appear to have low intelligence, who bicker and fight constantly, but ones who are brave and not afraid to act. It all makes for a far more interesting story, and the best so far in the Autumn series.

AUTUMN: AFTERMATH - limited edition hardcover available to pre-order

09 December 2013

The limited edition Infected Books/Gollancz hardcover of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH is now available to pre-order. Order before 10th January and your name will appear in the book.

Click here to order.

Autumn - Ink Pantry

07 November 2013

Should you despair when you reach the end of Autumn, fear not, because this is just the first in a series of five Autumn books, as well as the movie starring Dexter Fletcher and David Carradine.  And I for one am grateful that this is not a ridiculous comedic tale ofShaun of the Dead proportions, but is actually a story of ordinary people running for their lives from an extraordinary situation.

Autumn - The Rotting Zombie

06 November 2013

David Moody is my all time favourite zombie author.

Joe and Me - ChiZine

28 October 2013

It may tax the soul to face the profound horrors of humanity, but there’s no one better than Moody to guide us into the wasteland.

Two new UK AUTUMN releases

10 October 2013

Today sees the launch of two new AUTUMN releases in the UK.

Autumn: Aftermath - eBookNightmare

30 August 2013

Once again, David Moody has hit a home run. I was wide awake at a ridiculous hour in the morning just to finish it. I really can't wait to see what he has in store next.

AUTUMN: AFTERMATH - can you spare five minutes?

14 August 2013

Complete your collection with the limited edition AUTUMN: AFTERMATH hardcover, coming November 2013 from Infected Books in association with Gollancz.

Autumn - Nerdspan

31 July 2013

The suspense of Autumn by David Moody is what makes the book so fulfilling and fascinating.

AUTUMN: AFTERMATH - limited edition hardcover - update

26 July 2013

An update from David Moody on the soon to be released AUTUMN: AFTERMATH limited edition hardcover. Click here to read the update at www.djmoody.co.uk.

Herbst: Ausklang

17 July 2013

Herbst: Ausklang - the German language edition of Autumn: Aftermath - will be released in September. See www.djmoody.co.uk for more details.

AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION - now available to order

12 June 2013

We're thrilled to announce that the new, expanded edition of AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION is now available.

AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION - new cover art revealed

08 May 2013

David Moody has today revealed the cover art (by Craig Paton) for the new edition of Autumn: The Human Condition.

AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION - new print edition announced

26 March 2013

David Moody has announced the publication of a definitive, expanded version of AUTUMN: THE HUMAN CONDITION - the final word in the AUTUMN series.

Joe and Me - Elf-Machines from Hyperspace

14 March 2013

Well, Moody contrives a story where this choice gets about as complicated as possible. It’s patiently paced, but never once drags, so I had plenty of time to get to know father and son and grow to care about them and worry for their situation. So, when the peril really arrived, I was chewing the inside of my mouth as I read. I honestly did not know which way the choice ought to go, or what I would do if faced with the same situation (I think I do know now). And even though I think the choice that was made was the only human one possible, its consequences are suitably dire.

Autumn: Aftermath - UK hardcover - important announcement

29 November 2012

David Moody has posted an important announcement about the hardcover edition of Aftermath.

Autumn: Aftermath - Andy Erupts

26 November 2012

An utterly epic series of books.

New free story - Kieran Cope

14 November 2012

A new story has been added to www.lastoftheliving.net today. Kieran Cope is a key character you'll meet in AUTUMN: AFTERMATH, and he's based on a real person. The real Kieran Cope won an auction to appear in the book. 

An AUTUMN Retrospective - part v

13 November 2012

Moody talks about THE HUMAN CONDITION and the mass of AUTUMN short stories he's written, with news of a brand new story coming soon.

An AUTUMN Retrospective - part iv

04 November 2012

David Moody takes a look back at AUTUMN: DISINTEGRATION - the penultimate novel in the series.

An AUTUMN Retrospective - part iii

30 October 2012

David Moody takes a look back at AUTUMN: PURIFICATION - the third novel in the series.

Autumn: Disintegration - Andy Erupts

27 October 2012

Moody has succeeded in not just driving forward the thread of the series but expanding his Autumn universe in admirable fashion.

An AUTUMN Retrospective - part ii

09 October 2012

David Moody takes a look back at AUTUMN: THE CITY - the second novel in the series.

An AUTUMN Retrospective - part i

26 September 2012

With the end of the series fast approaching, author David Moody takes a look back at each part of AUTUMN, beginning with the first novel.

Autumn - Wayne Simmons

24 September 2012

‘Autumn’ is one of the finest novels in the apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic genre. Ever.

Autumn - 20four12

07 September 2012

Just because these zombies don’t seem threatening in the beginning (when they’re blind, dumb and lumbering around aimlessly) doesn’t mean that the world of Autumn isn’t terrifying—because it most definitely is.

Autumn - The Evil Eye

06 September 2012

To conclude...This book began well...maintained, indeed, accelerated interest throughout...and provided a powerful ending that left this particular reader not only eager for the next book in the series...but with a bit of a nervous twitch...(always a good sign).

Autumn: Purification - Andy Erupts

16 August 2012

In short, my advice to genre fans is simple. Get involved with the Autumn series as soon as possible. You won’t regret it.

Autumn - Zombie Librarian

14 August 2012

Moody has come to be known by many who love the zombie book genre as the go-to author for the new generation of zombie book classics.

Joe and Me

01 May 2012

David Moody posted the following announcement on his website today:

Autumn: Purification - SFBookReviews

30 April 2012

Another excellent novel in a fantastic series and a must for any Zombie fans.

Autumn: Aftermath - Gil T's Pleasures

25 April 2012

David Moody is the bard of zombie apocalyptic stories.

Autumn - Andyerupts.com

22 April 2012

At under 300 pages and very well-written, it will take you no time at all to consume Autumn which starts strong and finishes powerfully; and its not a book that you’re likely to forget and I for one cannot wait to see what the rest of the Autumn series has in store.

Autumn: Aftermath - Starburst Magazine

05 March 2012

British horror at its absolute best.

Autumn: Aftermath - Kirkus Reviews

01 March 2012

A fine study of the human race's chances in a post-post-apocalyptic world.