Septiembre Zombie

Fría, oscura, implacable e incómodamente plausible, Septiembre zombie
ofrece una nueva perspectiva sobre la historia de zombies tradicional
y recupera el espíritu del clásico de Romero. Una Noche de los
muertos vivientes para el siglo XXI. 

David Moody is a master suspense builder. AUTUMN will grip you right
from the beginning and lead you to one of the most nail-biting endings
in all of fiction
-- James Melzer

Minotauro (rústica con solapas)
ISBN: 978-8445077726

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Ciudad Zombie

La pesadilla continúa en la secuela de Septiembre zombie. 

Minotauro (rústica con solapas)
ISBN: 978-8445078259

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Zona Zombie

Conoce una nueva perspectiva de la historia clásica de muertos vivientes

Minotauro, 304 páginas (rústica con solapas)
ISBN: 978-8445078723

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Autumn: Disintegration

The penultimate chapter in the riveting horror series!

A new twist and a great addition to the AUTUMN series
-- Craig DiLouie

St Martin's Griffin (paperback, 320 pages)
ISBN: 978-0312570019

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Autumn: Aftermath

Are we entering mankind's final days? In the aftermath of
the disease, will the last survivors destroy each other, or will
the dead destroy them all?

St Martin's Griffin (paperback, 400 pages)
ISBN: 978-0312570026

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Autumn: The Human Condition

The definitive edition of the AUTUMN companion. Includes all
of the stories featured on, along with
additional exclusive content.

Infected Books (paperback, 460 pages)
ISBN: 978-0957656307

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