Survival is a strange thing. If the world lies dead at your feet and you seem to be immune to whatever it is that's devastated everything else, then surely that would be cause for celebration. But there are so many unknowns - so many things to consider which are out of your control.

In your perfect isolation you might learn things about yourself you never knew. You might take chances and experiment in ways you wouldn't have dared when you were just one of so many millions. But now you're alone.

Armageddon is a wonderful thing for helping you take stock and review the life you used to lead. Maybe you should always have been on your own? Perhaps other people were just an unnecessary complication you're better off without? Barry Bushell is beginning to think that might be the case.

Your own survival is down to you alone. You have no control over who else makes it. They might prove to be a godsend, helping you through the darkest of days.

They might not.

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